Sandra Rumolino

Born in Buenos Aires in 1960, Sandra Rumolino felt an early passion for Argentinian popular music. She moved to France in 1983. From her beginnings in Paris at the renowned cabaret Les Trottoirs de Buenos Aires, she often mixed singing, acting and dancing in many shows built around Argentinian Tango mainly in Europe but also all over the world. Examples of this are 'Maria de Buenos Aires' (2002), 'Tangos, verduras y otras yerbas' by Camilla Saraceni (2004), 'Un Animal de Dos Lenguas' (2005).

Her first album 'Automne' was released in 1995, with pianist and composer Gustavo Beytelmann responsible for the musical direction. The secound album, 'Por la vuelta' followed in 2002 in collaboration with her friend and regular colleague, the composer and pianist Gerardo Jerez Le Cam. In November 2008 she released her third album, 'Viento Sur', again under Gerardo Le Cam's musical direction.

Since 2008 Sandra has also been singing in the show 'Noche Tango' under the musical direction of Juan Jose Mosalini, and has been regularly invited to perform in France and Europe in the following tango formations: Orchestre Les Fleures Noires, Quinteto El Después, Quatuor Caliente, Quarteto Rotterdam.

Throughout her artistic career she has participated in a dozen albums as a guest and regularly teaches master classes and workshops in France.

Wildner Records will release a production featuring Sandra Rumolino & Kevin Seddiki in 2016.

Sandra Rumolino