Wildner Records is an exclusive label
for acoustic music

Label Wildner Records is an exclusive label for acoustic music.Our productions range from Classical to Jazz and World Music. We realize our recordings with careful consideration to the individual sound characteristics of acoustic instruments, meticulously distinguished between the different musical styles.

wildner records munich
wildner records munich

This way, music remains authentic in matters of high fidelity and musical horizon of experience, even beyond live performances. In collaborating with our artists, we strive for the central idea of support. Developing emerging talents is also of the utmost significance. This mix of highly gifted talents and internationally renowned artists adds up to a lively, mutually supportive Wildner Records artists team.

Music is supposed to sound authentic and lively! It should be possible for listeners to hear the big and important differences between individual instruments. Artists are to evolve unhampered by usual production restraints.
Klaus Wolfgang Wildner, 2005

Telling a story with music and in pictures about the world, the earth and people in particular whilst addressing the issues of balance and living together. Within these stories we as human beings can encounter and understand each other, even without words. The music was there first and inspired us, also due to the title of Angel Wings, to retell an old story about our world, people, existence and becoming.
It is played gently like the beating of a birds wing and the sounds of the guitar and also the pictures touch our souls. A form of gentleness that reminds us of the vulnerability of the world, the earth and mankind. In just the same way that a butterfly in the Amazonas can trigger off a storm in Europe, it is virtually a symbol of the fact that on the day of the completion of this video a volcano in Iceland under the peaks of the Eyjafjalla glacier erupted and paralyzed air travel in large sections of Europe. A small volcano ... the beating of a wing?

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the finest in acoustic music

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Backstage Wildner Records is a living community of artists. We see ourselves as a collective of active musicians, composers, media artists and sound engineers, whose artistic and aesthetically reflexive work influences our productions through collaborating.

highly gifted talents and internationally renowned artists

Network We are very demanding in the choice of our partners. They are friends who are characterized by their personal dedication and artistic excellence. In our collaborations with organizations and the press we value integrity and quality very highly, which is why we are proud and elated that even our very first production, Bach meets Monk, received an important and very positive review by the renowned Gramophone magazine:

„Munich-based Wildner Records is affiliated with the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation, whose aim is to “support and promote science and culture” within the fields of guitar and lute playing. If their issuing of this recital is anything to go by, they’re doing a wonderful job.“
Gramophone, 2005

„...they’re doing a wonderful job.“

Gramophone UK, 2005

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