Talking Trees

Gruber & Maklar

Music by Enjott Scheider

Klaus Wolfgang Wildner worked with Enjott Schneider, Christian Gruber, Peter Maklar, and the musicians of the "Consortium Arboris" ensemble for three years to finalize this production. The compositions are based on two extremely rare, historic fifth-bass guitars from the years 1922 and 1924, respectively. These two original instruments are part of Klaus Wolfgang Wildner's private collection and were built by the Bavarian master instrument maker, Hermann Hauser I. Once the instruments had been restored by Hermann Hauser III, Wildner provided them to the guitarists Christian Gruber and Peter Maklar for experimentation and production. During the 1920s, fifth-bass guitars were almost exclusively used in guitar quartets. However, Klaus Wolfgang Wildner was always convinced that the instruments also were suitable for solo or duo performances of virtuoso musicians. Talking Trees provides evidence of the rich contributions these powerful, melancholy and impressively impulsive instruments can make to our world of compositions, performances, and listening.

  1. Die Linde (Lime tree)
  2. Die Esche (Ash tree)
  3. Die Kiefer (Pine tree)
  4. Der Ahorn (Maple tree)
  5. Die Weide (Willow tree)
  6. Die Tanne (Fir tree)
  7. Die Ulme (Elm tree)
  8. Die Pappel (Poplar tree)
  9. Der Apfelbaum (Apple tree)
  10. Die Eiche (Oak tree)
  11. Die Zypresse (Cypress tree)
  12. Der Olivenbaum (Olive tree)
  13. Die Haselnuss (Hazelnut bush)

compositions by Enjott Schneider

talking trees

Performing artists: Duo Gruber & Maklar

Julia Rebekka Adler, geb. Mai. (viola)
Wolfgang Berg (viola)
David Hausdorf (violoncello)
Holger Herrmann (double bass)
Thomas Ruge (violoncello)
Stefan Temmingh (bass recorder)

Guitars:Fifth-Bass Guitars Hermann Hauser I (1922 and 1924), Andreas Kirschner (2008)
Produced by Klaus Wolfgang Wildner
Recorded and Mixed by Klaus Strazicky and Enjott Schneider, Munich
Mastered by Darcy Proper @ Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium
Wildner Records 2009

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