Tres Luceros

Kevin Seddiki - Sandra Rumolino

An Argentinian of Italian origin, Sandra Rumolino’s deep voice is associated with the tango. With rage and softness, she evokes its long history. There are no limits in this poetic and musical genre and there are no limits in Sandra’s voice and temper. Sandra wants to tell her children, the Tres Luceros– which lends the album its name – what she is made of, one part being Italian, one part being Argentinian, not just the city of Buenos Aires where she was born, but also the deserts, the mountains of this vast territory with multiple rhythms, and throughout Latin America, with her songs and stories of life. In this limitless repertoire, she chose a few gems that are dear to her, along with creating original lyrics mastering a musical landscape.

She tells us about this album... „My encounter with Kevin was like a door opening to new rhythms and musical styles outside the tango. I realized that there were songs that I wanted to interpret and texts that I wanted to write, but it was daring... thanks to Kevin with a sensitivity and a humility often found in great musicians these ideas that lay dormant in a part of my heart could finally come to life. So, a beautiful connection between my voice and his guitar developed.

What best characterizes our work is the priority given to emotion as a vector of our musical language, and a specific attention to the quality of sound. Making music with Kevin is always a surprising journey, full with joy and absolute comfort! Tres luceros are my children, of course, but also contain the three inseparable elements of this album: voice, guitar, and percussion.

Kevin Seddiki, a French native of Algerian and Italian origin, burnished his sound palette by drawing the world by the ears. Running his fingers on classical guitar strings, he embodies the rhythms and harmonies of South American music; playing alongside Dino Saluzzi as well as frenzied improvisations with Al Di Meola and Iranian percussion whose magical strikes are transmitted to him by the Chemirani Family.

That’s what he said about this album, where he is both composer and arranger: „These Tres Luceros can be seen as the three universes that connect Sandra and I. South America, particularly Argentina, the Mediterranean, and Italy as a common denominator; and further east to Algeria, Turkey, Greece, and Iran where zarb, my second instrument, originates from.

What is pleasantly strange is how this exchange between guitar, voice and percussion transmits so easily through space. When we play, compose, or arrange together, things are set up with some sort of natural coherence. Each sound leads to another... or not... the silence is comfortable, and full... each journey performed for a new audience takes place with confidence and joy... We love the moment, and taking risks, which is because of the audience, whose presence and engagement enables us to find a comfortable feeling, allowing us to reinvent each piece, always leaving room for improvisation.

Text and interview by Martina Catella.
English text edited by Romy Theisen.

  1. Tres luceros 3’47 (S.Rumolino/K.Seddiki)
  2. Mediterráneo 4’21 (J.M.Serrat)
  3. Silueta porteña 1’51 (J.V.Cuccaro-N.L.Cuccaro/O.D‘Aniello-E.Nolli)
  4. Piedra y camino 4’17 (A.Yupanqui)
  5. Tierra adentro 4’14 (S.Rumolino/K.Seddiki)
  6. Nieblas del Riachuelo 3’18 (E.Cadícamo/J.C.Cobián)
  7. Aquel día de lluvia (Here‘s that rainy day) (J.Van Heusen/J.Burke) 3’38 (trad. S.Rumolino)
  8. Tonada de luna llena 4’21 (S.Díaz)
  9. Why not un huayno? 3’48 (S.Rumolino/K.Seddiki)
  10. Al calor de la tierra 3’57 (K.Herrera/H.Herrera)
  11. El Seclanteño 2’50 (A.Petrocelli)
  12. Nana de un viajerito 2’59 (S.Rumolino/K.Seddiki)


Sandra Rumolino: Voice and Compositions
Kevin Seddiki: Guitars, Percussion, Compositions and Arrangements
Production Partner:
Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation, Munich, Germany


Tres Luceros

Produced by Klaus Wolfgang Wildner, Sandra Rumolino & Kevin Seddiki
Executive Producer: Klaus Wolfgang Wildner
Recorded by Marcus Born @ kleine audiowelt,
Sandhausen, Germany, October 2015
Mixed by Philippe Teissier du Cros,
Paris, France, November 2015
Mastered by Darcy Proper @ Wisseloord Studios,
Hilversum, Netherlands, December 2015

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