The name "324" derives from the fact that Johann Jacob Froberger and Ralph Towner were born 324 years apart. It is fascinating how beautifully the musical pieces from very different epochs go together and actually form a strong unit in this repertoire.

Augustin Wiedemann

Manuel Maria Ponce (1882-1948)
Suite in A minor

  1. Preludio
  2. Allemande
  3. Sarabande
  4. Gavotte
  5. Gigue

Ralph Towner (*1940)

  1. Green and Golden
  2. Turning of the Leaves
  3. Haunted
  4. Joyful Departure
  5. Anniversary Song
  6. If
  7. Tramonto

Johann Jakob Froberger (1616-1667)
Suite VI in D Major I transcribed by Stefano Grondona

  1. Lamento
  2. Gigue
  3. Courante
  4. Sarabande

324 - Augustin Wiedemann

Performing artist: Augustin Wiedemann
Guitar: Greg Smallman & Sons 2008
Produced by Klaus Wolfgang Wildner
Recorded an Mixed by Markus Born and Marco Schneider @ kleine audiowelt, Sandhausen
Mastered by Darcy Proper @ Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium
Wildner Records 2009

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