Augustin Wiedemann

Augustin Wiedemann is a Munich-based guitarist, born 1965, who covers a wide range of musical territory with his program. His selection of compositions follows a path that results from his preferences for a broad variety of musical styles. He is not interested in making a distinction between entertainment and serious music. In his mind, the popularity of the guitar makes it especially suitable to combine many musical styles.

Augustin Wiedemann is a performer, and his style is summarized by the following statement:

I can only play pieces I dream about or which can still surprise me after many years.

Augustin Wiedemann

When this artist performs live, the fascination of a fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach or the sounds of the jazz standard "Round Midnight" by Thelonius Monk, adapted for guitar by Roland Dyens, give him the sense of being in the right place at the right time. Augustin Wiedemann is a member of the Accademia di Montegral and also serves as a Board member of the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation.

Wildner Records released three productions featuring Augustin Wiedemann: Bach meets Monk (2005), 324 (2008) and Boris Yoffe's Symphony (2011).

Augutin Wiedemann


Back meets Monk