Bach meets Monk

Augustin Wiedemann

The Hauser Guitar from 1933 on this recording. This guitar was built for Regino Sainz de las Maza by Hermann Hauser I in 1933.

I am very fortunate to be allowed to play such an extraordinary Instrument. This Guitar accedes to everything, absolutely everything
Augustin Wiedemann

The loan of a patron renders it possible and Wiedemann thanks with an outstanding concerto and listening experience. The interaction between artist and instrument produces such exceptional sounds and tones that the preciousness of this guitar is accentuated and shown to advantage. Andres Segovia and Hermann Hauser I first met in 1924. Segovia recognized Hauser`s potential and invited him to manufacture a Spanish model. 13 years passed by until Hauser I finally succeeded in manufacturing Andres Segovia´s guitar in 1937, which today can be found at the New York Metropolitan Museum. On this mutual path Hauser I produced many outstanding instruments, an one of these is this guitar from 1933.

Agustín Barrios Mangoré (1885-1944)
Suite in A minor

  1. Vals op. 8, No.4 G-Major
  2. Julia Florida (Barcarola)

Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)
Sonata op. 15 C-Major

  1. Allegro spiritoso
  2. Adagio con grand´ espressione
  3. Allegro vivace

J. S. Bach (1685-1750)
From "Sonata for solo violin" C-Major BWV 1005

  1. Adagio
  2. Fuga (Transcription: Augustin Wiedemann)

Thelonius Monk (1920-1982)

  1. Round Midnight (Arrangement: Roland Dyens)

Roland Dyens (*1955)

  1. Fuoco from "Libra Sonatine"

Buck Wolters (*1961)

  1. Afruitarra

Dusan Bogdanovic (*1955)

  1. Lento from "Jazz Sonata"

Bach meets Monk- Augustin Wiedemann

Performing artist: Augustin Wiedemann
Guitar: Hermann Hauser I, 1933
Produced by Klaus Wolfgang Wildner
Recorded by Perry Perreiter live at Kloster Fürstenfeld on September 25, 2005
Mixed by Perry Perreiter and Klaus Wolfgang Wildner
Wildner Records 2006

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