Eliot Fisk

Eliot Fisk is an exceptional classical guitar virtuoso. He was born in Philadelphia in 1958. He attended Yale University where he studied under Ralph Kirkpatrick and Albert Fuller. Immediately after completing his degree he was asked to form the Guitar Department at Yale. In 1974 he met the guitar legend Andres Segovia and had private lessons with him for several years.

One of the most brilliant, intelligent and gifted guitarists of our age.

Segovia on Eliot Fisk

Eliot Fisk is a professor at the Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg where he teaches in five different languages. He is also head of the Guitar faculty at the New England Conservatory in Boston.

A lot of his recordings have won prizes and entered the American billboard charts as "bestsellers". In 1996 he was invited by the Spanish royal family to play in the Palacio de los Cordova in the Spanish city of Granada for President Bill Clinton and his family. "The Red Guitar" and "Ein kleines Requiem"

In 2010 Wildner Records released two Eliot Fisk productions. The titles of the productions: "The Red Guitar" and "Ein kleines Requiem". The requiem of the Viennese composer Kurt Schwertsik, recollects the Spanish Civil War and is made up of 18 different pieces. The compositions and the corresponding renditions for the guitar were produced in a period of cooperation between Eliot Fisk and Kurt Schwertsik that lasted more than ten years. "The Red Guitar" addresses the outstanding and in some cases very personal works of the US-American composers Georg Rochberg, Robert Beaser, Relly Raffman and John Corigliano.


Eliot Fisk

Ein kleines Requiem

The red guitar